Moltex Eco Nappies FAQ

Everything you need to know about Moltex Nappies

How can I be sure Moltex Eco nappies are better for my child?

Moltex Eco nappies have been tested and approved by three different testing bodies, so you can rest assured that they are kinder to your baby's skin and the environment than normal nappies. Recommended by Stiftung Warentest (the German equivalent of which? Magazine), Oko-Test Magazine (leading German Eco Test Magazine).

Furthermore, Moltex Eco was voted BEST NAPPY by mums on Gloria Hunnifords Open House TV show.

The Moltex Nappy Range

The nappy is made with as many replenishable and recycled raw materials as possible

What makes Moltex Eco more eco-friendly than conventional disposables?

The manufacturing process itself is more eco friendly because the nappy is made with a unique unbleached core. This means less chemical waste, less water pollution, which can harm wildlife and fisheries and enter our food chain, and a significant reduction in quantities of water used.

The nappy is made with as many replenishable and recycled raw materials as possible. The packaging itself is 100% biodegradable.

The Moltex Nappy Range

Are Moltex Eco nappies biodegradeable?

Tests carried out in Ireland showed that Moltex Eco nappies could biodegrade in just 8 weeks. The method used was Vermicomposting, i.e. Earthworm Composting. Scientists found that the earthworms could rapidly penetrate and breakdown the nappy, excreting it as worm castings, which are then broken down by microbes. The resulting vermicompost can be used on your garden to improve the soil and promote growth.

More information on vermicomposting and how to build your own wormery.

Why are Moltex Eco nappies a beige colour?

Conventional nappies are bleached to make them a nice white colour. Unbelievably, some manufacturers still use chlorine which is a know human carcinogen (dioxin) that can cause cancer. Moltex Eco nappies were tested by Greenpeace in 2000 and certified free from dioxin, making them so much safer for your baby and kinder to the environment.

My baby has Eczema. Can I use Moltex Eco nappies?

Yes, in fact they are highly recommended by Dermatologists in Germany for babies with Eczema and sensitive skin. Unlike some conventional disposables, Moltex Eco nappies have no lotions or potions, deodorants or antioxidants so are much less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

My baby has a terrible nappy rash from conventional disposables. Will using Moltex Eco help?

Over the years many parents have stated that, having run out of Moltex Eco nappies, they had to buy an emergency supply of normal disposables for their child. They confirmed that their child developed nappy rash wearing conventional nappies which then cleared up once they were back in Moltex Eco.

The Moltex Nappy System

Do Moltex Eco nappies work as well as normal disposable nappies?

Yes. They have all the features of leading brands, e.g. soft, absorbent core, cotton-like feel, stretchy waistband and leg cuffs for ease of movement, but are kinder to the skin and environment.

Are Moltex Eco nappies more expensive than conventional disposables?

Prices are comparable to leading brands and slightly more expensive than supermarket own brands. By buying our nappies in cases, you pay even less per nappy.

How many nappies will my baby need?

This depends on the age of your babies. Newborns need to be changed approx. 10-12 times a day. As your child gets older, however, you will need to change them less frequently e.g. 6-8 times a day. By the time they are getting close to potty training, you may only need 2-3 nappies a day.

I was planning to use washable (reusable) nappies, aren't they better for the environment than disposables?

This is a hard question to answer and experts are still debating the issue. There are a number of pros and cons of both systems and a study carried out by the Environmental Agency revealed that there is little or no difference between the environmental effects of different types of nappy. We feel that if you are going to use disposable nappies, then it is better for both your child and the environment to use an Eco Disposable, like Moltex Eco.

Moltex Eco was voted BEST NAPPY by mums on Gloria Hunnifords 'Open House' TV show

Enjoy the best of both worlds...

Many of our customers use washables most of the time and eco disposables e.g. at night, when out and about, going on holiday, when the child goes to Granny or a childminder for the day, when the child is at Nursery School etc.

If this is your first baby, you may wish to use eco disposables for the first few days or weeks after your baby is born, just until you settle into your new routine. Once you feel settled and confident you can then move to washables.

I am going on holiday, can I have the nappies delivered to my holiday address?

Yes, no problem, as long as it is a UK mainland address we have to send to. Please make sure you give us all your details when placing your order, letting us know from when we can deliver the nappies and to which holiday address.

I would like to order nappies, but am often not in to take the delivery?

The plight of busy, working mums and dads! Don't worry, we can either deliver to your work address or to another address where someone will be available to sign for the parcel e.g. neighbour, friend etc. Just let us know where you want the nappies delivered when you place your order.

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