Organic Clothes

If you are planning to live in a natural and environmentally-friendly way, then natural clothes are an important factor. Why?

Not many people are aware of the huge amount of chemicals used in the manufacture of clothing in general. Did you know, for instance, that cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world? Over a quarter of the pesticides used worldwide are sprayed onto the clothes we and our children wear, or the bedding we sleep in etc. Shocking, isn’t it!


Let us take a closer look at the lifecycle of the conventional cotton crop...

  • Seedlings are planted in the ground, which is already saturated with toxins
  • As the crop grows, it is sprayed with a multitude of chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides...
  • To make mechanical harvesting easier, the leaves need to be removed from the plant first. Ahh...another chemical, this time a 'defoliant' to make the leaves drop off.
  • Finally the cotton buds make it into the manufacturing plant where they are again treated with a cocktail of other toxic substances. At any stage in the process the cotton may be bleached with harmful chlorine and then dyed to make it a beautiful, vibrant colour. However many of these dyes contain heavy metals and other chemicals that can make people ill.
  • All these toxins that were used in the production of clothes remain in the fibres and cannot be washed out!

Wool and fleece products

The same applies to woollen products – sheep reared conventionally are dipped in a chemical solution containing organophosphates (a group of insecticides or nerve agents) which are proven to be damaging to health. Bear that in mind if choosing any sort of wool or fleece product.

Our clothes are produced differently!

At Spirit of Nature we believe it is especially important that clothes are free from toxins. This is why our suppliers must be able to certify that there are no toxic residues in the finished garment. In order to do so, most of our suppliers grow their own cotton organically, without the use of harmful pesticides and do not use any chemicals or harmful dyes in the manufacturing process either.

Therefore, when you buy clothing, sleepwear or lingerie from us, you have the peace of mind that you are wearing the safest and most natural fibres available.

If you would like to learn more about the use of toxins in clothing, please contact the specialists at the Soil Association. Visit their website at

Organic – is it really worth paying more?

Perhaps you have read negative reports about organic food and clothing. Sceptics will claim that it’s a whole load of mumbo-jumbo and just an excuse to 'rip off' the consumer with higher prices. The fact that you are reading this suggests that you don’t fully believe what the sceptics say. Naturally, organic clothing is more expensive than cheap, mass-produced conventional clothing which has been manufactured on the other side of the world, perhaps even in a plant where children work in extremely poor conditions for a ridiculous wage.

However, we believe it is a small price to pay for natural, good quality clothing which has been made with our health and the environment in mind. In the organic industry, there are no huge mark-ups.

Nothing is for free and you always get what you pay or don’t pay for… so, if we buy a "super cheap" fashion bargain from Far East we might pay the difference with our health!

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