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We have recently updated the Spirit of Nature website so that you can now access RSS feeds of new products and price cuts.

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS feeds are essentially web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people. What this means is that instead of having all the nice design and images around the content, the RSS feed contains just content - the text, images or information you would be interested on a web page.

RSS feeds allow you to get updates on when new products are added to the Suma Co-operative, without having to visit the website.

You may notice an orange icon appear in the toolbar or address bar of your web browser - this indicates that RSS content is available for this page. You can 'subscribe' to any RSS feed for free simply by clicking the orange icon. The screenshot below shows this icon appearing in Internet Explorer 7:

So if you are interested in Eco Friendly Nappies, then it may be worthwhile subscribing to the RSS feed that the orange icon will load when you visit our Eco Friendly Nappies category.

Most modern web browsers including Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari and Chrome allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds and keep a record of your subscribed RSS feeds - like your internet bookmarks.

Some RSS feeds on Spirit of Nature that may interest you include:

Not only can these RSS feeds be used to keep you up to date of the latest products on Suma Co-operative, but you are free to build them into any website or blog that you may run or contribute to.