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If, like many of us, you thought pollution came from outside, from car fumes, smoking chimneys, industrial manufacturing plants etc., then read on...

Did you know that British studies have found that the air inside your home can be up to 10x more toxic and polluted than the air outside, even in a busy city. Many of the hazardous chemicals, substances and materials used in our homes contribute to this e.g. cleaning fluids, bleaches, hydrocarbon aerosols, nail varnish (and remover), paint, carpet, pet treatments, MDF, pesticides in wood treatments to name but a few.

Natural Cleaning Products

Warning - Always read the label

Many of these products we use every day, without ever considering the effect they may have on our health and environment. You only need turn over a bottle of one of your favourite cleaning products or hair styling products to see a long list of warnings and toxic ingredients! One survey claims that cleaning products and aerosols carry up to 11 warnings like 'irritant', 'do not inhale' and 'use in well ventilated areas'. Yet how many of us use a protective face mask and open the bathroom window when cleaning?

British Studies have found that the air inside our home can be up to ten times more toxic and polluted than the air outside - even in a busy city.

Damaging to health and environment

We breathe in these fumes and absorb them through our skin. When we flush them away down the sink or loo they filter through into our waterways, harming the environment and killing wildlife. Open a window and they escape into the air, damaging the ozone layer and polluting the atmosphere.

Pregnant women, babies and children are particularly at risk. So before you decorate your unborn baby's nursery, give some serious thought to the paint, wallpaper, carpet and furniture that can potentially be loaded with toxic residues and chemicals. Don't forget, pets and babies in the household can pick up residues of carpet or floor cleaning products on more, on their paws and hands when they move about.

Our laundry and cleaning products are free from many of the chemical nasties.

Natural cleaning products - do they really work?

The answer is quite simply, yes they do! We use all the bio-d household cleaning products in our own home and are completely satisfied with them. The benefits are great too, no headaches, no skin rashes and a healthier, cleaner climate at home! The Glass & Mirror Spray from Bio-D is personally the best I have ever used. The Bio-D laundry products are superb and the only products that don't bring my daughter and I out in a rash. Many of the products are also available in refill bottles or larger 5lt canisters, saving waste and money.

Spirit of Nature - a name you can trust

We guarantee that our laundry and cleaning products have not been tested on animals and are free from many of the chemical nasties like:

  • Phosphates (encourage growth of algae)
  • Enzymes (can cause severe skin irritations and asthma)
  • Chlorine bleaches (can cause cancer, carcinogenic)
  • titanium dioxide (white pigment used in detergents, suspected animal carcinogen, pollutant)
  • formaldehyde (synthetic preservative)
  • pesticide residues (from treated plant extracts)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (foaming agent)
  • synthetic fragrances
  • synthetic colourants

  • Vegan Society Approved

    The Bio-D and Ecoleaf product ranges we carry have not been tested on animals and are approved by the Vegan Society. Fantastic natural ranges such as Method are also certified by PETA.

    Declaration of ingredients

    We appreciate the fact that many people turn to natural organic products because they have an allergy to a particular ingredient. We always aim to list the ingredients of our products on our website. That way, you know right away if the product has any of ingredients in it that you react too.

    If you have any specific enquiries or would like further information on exactly what is in a product, just give us a call on 0333 400 1800, we're only too happy to help!

    Natural Products - is it worth paying more?

    Perhaps you have read negative reports about organic or natural products. Sceptics will claim that it's a whole load of rubbish and just an excuse to 'rip off' the consumer with higher prices. The fact that you are reading this suggests that you don't fully believe what the sceptics say. Natural and organic products are a little more expensive than cheap, mass-produced conventional products.

    However, we believe it is a small price to pay for natural, good quality products which has been made with our health and the environment in mind. In the organic industry, there are no huge mark-ups. How many multi-millionaire organic farmers, manufacturers or even retailers have you seen? Surely that is the proof.

    Nothing is for free and you always get what you pay or don't pay, if you buy 'super cheap' bargains you might pay the difference with your health!

    Spirit of Nature - keeping costs low

    We try our very best to keep our prices as low as possible by working with modern, efficient technology in our warehouse and offices. We try to source products from the UK or Europe, keeping transportation costs low and promoting local and regional trade. To keep cost low we shoot our own photos, design our catalogues and website. Although we have to invest a lot of our own time we feel it is well worth the effort for our customers and environment.

    Have a problem ordering online?

    Should you have any problems ordering online, please do not hesitate to call one of our customer service advisors. We will try and deal with your problem as swiftly as possible and get your order off to you without further delay.

    100% satisfaction, or your money back guarantee!

    It is our aim to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the friendly, helpful and professional service you deserve. Our no-quibble money-back guarantee means that if you do not like an item you have ordered from us you can return the item to us (unworn/unwashed/unused) within 14 days of delivery for a full refund.

    If you need further help, please don't hesitate to ring us on 0333 400 1800 where we can offer you friendly and helpful advice.

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    Laundry products

    Are you fed up with the 'potent' smell of your laundry liquid or fabric conditioner? If you have sensitive skin or just want to use products that are far kinder to the skin and environment, we have just what you're looking for. We stock Laundry Eco-Balls which provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to wash clothes and are ideal for those with skin allergies, eczema etc.

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