Organic Skincare

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it is important that we look after it properly! It protects the internal organs, eliminates waste and helps regulate the body temperature and metabolism. Its sensory receptors alert us to touch, temperature and pain. Complimentary practitioners believe that the skin provides valuable clues to the body's general health.

With our range of organic skincare products we aim to provide you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing for body and soul!

The Moltex Nappy Range

Beware of conventional cosmetics products  Always read the label!

If the skin plays such an important role in eliminating waste and provides us with vital information about our general health and wellbeing, then the last thing we want to do is overload it with heaps of external toxins.

Conventional toiletries and bodycare products are loaded with unnecessary chemicals and additives which are absorbed into our body through our skin. Some experts believe that 60% of what goes on our skin is absorbed & that can be anything up to 2kg of waste from lotions, make-up, hair products etc a year. These toxins are particularly harmful to baby skin, which is five times thinner than our own.

Why choose natural, organic products?

Using skin and bodycare products made with natural, organic ingredients can give you a wonderful lift. Your skin literally quenches its thirst, drinking up the pure oils and herbs, and the beautiful aroma of essential oils heightens your senses and lightens your mood. What's more our products leave your skin and hair looking radiant, enhancing your natural beauty.

Some experts believe that 60% of what goes on our skin is absorbed - up to 2kg or 'waste' from lotions, make-up and hair products a year

Spirit Of Nature - a name you can trust

At Spirit Of Nature we stock only highest quality natural cosmetics products because we know how important is that the products are as pure as possible. This is especially the case for baby products, which is much thinner and therefore far more sensitive than our own.

We only stock the highest quality natural cosmetic products

We guarantee that our products have not been tested on animals and are free from many of the chemical nasties like:

  • Petrochemical solvents e.g. butane, propane
  • Petroleum, paraffin
  • Aluminium chlorohydrate (aluminium salt)
  • Titanium dioxide (white pigment used in toothpaste suspected animal carcinogen, pollutant)
  • Formaldehyde (synthetic preservative)
  • Pesticide residues (from treated plant extracts)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (foaming agent)
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic colourants

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