NÜ Bamboo Nappies

Are you a flusher or a binner?

NÜ Bamboo Nappies

We are delighted to introduce NÜ Bamboo Nappies to our range! NÜ Bamboo Nappies have been designed to have a small as impact as possible with the range’s ‘end of life’ credentials being their stand out feature.

NÜ nappies are made from the world’s most renewable resource, bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable resource and is rapidly becoming the go to solution to cut plastic and take away the burden from trees. Bamboo is actually a grass and is the tallest member of the grass family. It grows extremely rapidly, some species can grow up to 36 inches in just a 24 hour period, what’s more is that even though it grows quickly it needs less water and produces around 35% more oxygen than trees,  so it’s clear why it’s a much better solution than using wood from trees which can take years to grow. Bamboo is rapidly replacing less sustainable materials as we seek out greener alternative sot everyday products, some great examples of this would be toothbrushes or toilet paper .

In seeking to develop the most eco friendly nappy available bamboo was the natural choice to turn to for a compostable solution.  NÜ nappies are made using 100% organic bamboo pulp which has natural anti-bacterial properties that create a natural cooling effect for added comfort. The main problem with disposable nappies is with what happens to them after they are used they will most likely end up in landfill, 8 million of them everyday in the UK! The average non eco disposable nappy sticks around for up to 400 years, that’s why using bamboo and natural plant enzymes in the production of NÜ Bamboo nappies from the outer packaging to inner core allows them to break down naturally.

•    Made from sustainable resources
•    Super-soft top sheet
•    100% bamboo pulp
•    100% tree free
•    Chlorine free
•    Excellent absorbability both wet and re-wet
•    Naturally compostable
•    Outer packaging innovation
•    Only Genuine ‘end of life’ nappy in the UK

At the same time NÜ nappies are not only far more environmentally friendly and have far better ‘end of life’ credentials than conventional disposable nappies, but they also offer excellent absorbability both wet and re-wet and are super soft so feel much better on your baby’s skin.

NU Bamboo Nappies

Benefits to your baby

The antibacterial properties of bamboo fibres create a natural cooling effect for added comfort when the nappy is dry, wet and rewet.

Benefits to YouThe relief that your baby is wearing a nappy that performs well from the moment it is worn until its disposal. The packaging is designed and certified to ASTM D5338 (degradable in soil) the packaging will naturally break down once in ambient temperature.


Benefits to our Planet

Good news - as Nü Bamboo nappies are 100% tree free and compostable, along with their compostable packaging, it’s a Nü clean start for our eco-system. A share of the proceeds from each pack goes into developing even greener products for the future!


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