Welcome To gNappies

The Problem

For 40 years, parents have had two choices; disposable nappies or cloth nappies.  Disposables were the magical answer to the nappy changing carnage that had gone before but is was soon realised that the waste had to go somewhere and that somewhere was landfill and there it would stay for up to 500 years before most disposables biodegrade.
gNappies provide the perfect solution to parents.  Recognising the rising trends as they have moved away from traditional disposables whilst addressing the issues parents have found with standard cloth nappies, gNappies have created a revolution in baby changing technology by offering a hybrid, reusable nappy with the choice of either disposable or cloth inserts.  The disposable inserts are 100% compostable and completely biodegrade within 8 weeks.

Get Started
To help you into the groove, gNappies have a special introductory pack called the Newborn Bundle. 

In the Newborn Bundle you’ll get:
•    12 Newborn gPants
•    6 Small Size gPants for when your little one gets bigger
•    80 biodegradable disposable inserts
•    Handy User Guide
Everything you need to get started with gNappies with roughly 10 days’ supply of disposable inserts.

gNappies  – The Benefits
•    Thoughtfully designed for a comfortable and trim fit.  No tight elastic required
•    Made from soft cotton on the outside, breathable pouch on the inside
•    Velcro closures that fasten in the back away from little hands!
•    Come in three sizes; Small, Medium and Large.

Disposable Inserts
•    The ONLY 100% biodegradable nappy on the market
•    Can be composted or binned

Washable Cloth Inserts
•    For parents who want to wash.  Super absorbent, slim fitting, fast drying
•    Made from hemp and microfleece

Cloth Liners
•    High quality flushable liners to catch solids on a cloth insert
•    One size fits all

gNappies Guppy Green gNappies Goddess Pink Newborn Bundle