Great strides are being made to bring down our planet’s plastic emissions, but more needs to be done. Even without plastic bags and cups ending up the ocean, we still unknowingly pollute the environment with microscopic types of waste plastic.

Microbeads have now been banned, but the same problems arise when talking about micro fibres. Synthetic plastic fibres shed from clothes after every wash and these fibres cannot be filtered out, so they’re washed away with the rest of the water and cause untold harm to the environment.

The GuppyFriend Washing Bag is designed to combat this issue by letting you wash your clothes as normal while trapping those loose fibres. GuppyFriend are aiming to drastically reduce our level of micro fibre waste with a specially-designed mesh that catches the micro fibres and stores them in the crevices in the bag; ready to remove and dispose of correctly.

Anyone who wants to lower their level of everyday plastic waste emissions should give GuppyFriend a try.