Product Ethics & Credentials

The Product Credentials
Fair and sustainable trade
Natural living
Well being
More and more we have found an ever-increasing interest from our customers in some of the issues that we consider in the development of our range.

In the sections of our five dotguide categories we will be regularly uploading topics of interest that relate to the considered choices that we all have to make. We hope you will share with us your thoughts and interest in the areas that concern you. Whilst we may not be able to reply to or publish all of your thoughts we hope to feature a selection on our website.

Our team is constantly making assessments based on current information and issues about health, ecology, sustainability, natural living and community welfare and we hope that these sections as they grow will become a helpful resource for those interested in these subjects.

We seek out articles by experts in their field and credit them at the bottom of the article. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that we seek accurate information from experts in their field, the articles are entirely the opinion of the writers themselves and not those of Dotguides or We do not take responsibility for the content of the articles and should it come to light that any information proves to be inaccurate we will take immediate steps to remove it from our website.

The Product Credentials are criteria devised by Ltd and environmental expert Edwin Datschefski.

For serious researchers, the reader should seek independent advice from experts and use our website for guidance purposes only. Copyright remains with the published writer and Ltd.