Bambo Eco Nappies FAQ

Why are Bambo Nature nappies better for my baby?

Bambo Nature knows that your baby’s safety and comfort come before anything else in the world, which is why there are no dangerous chemicals or toxins used in the production of the nappies, notably there is no chlorine used in the bleaching process, meaning it’s less likely your baby sill suffer from nappy rash. The nappies are ultra soft and flexible so they are comfortable to wear, especially important for night time – plus they are ultra absorbent so no leaks!

What’s so good about Bambo Nature nappies?

As well as being good for your baby, Bambo Nature nappies are great for our planet because only state-of-the art renewable raw materials are used in production. The wood used for pulp is sourced from sustainable forests where more trees are planted than felled, which is why Bambo Nappies hold the FSC Certification. Strict standards are adhered to throughout production, energy consumption is reduced through the use of efficient machines, no chemicals that are harmful to the environment are used and all waste produced during manufacturing has been almost completely reduced. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, with all the materials suitable for disposing through recycling, incinerating or composting. 

Are Bambo nappies biodegradeable?

The fluff that the absorbent part of the nappy is made of is completely biodegradable, however the whole nappy is not – it is possible to remove the biodegradable core from the outer part of the nappy and add it to your compost bin to reduce waste (wet nappies only). However, it is the environmental impact during the production of the nappies which is the most important thing to be aware of, and as Bambo Nature use sustainable raw materials and bare the Nordic Eco Swan Label which assesses their environmental impact during the entire lifecycle. 

Do Bambo Nature nappies work as well as regular disposable nappies?

Bambo Nature nappies are super absorbent and work just as well as leading brands. Not only are the nappies ultra-absorbent, they are also incredibly comfortable with a breathable, cotton-feel back sheet and flexible side panels that allow for movement without any leakages.

Are Bambo Nature nappies more expensive than regular branded nappies?

Prices are comparable to leading brands and slightly more expensive than supermarket own brands. By buying our nappies in cases, you pay even less per nappy.