Milly & Sissy

Milly & Sissy stands as a beacon of sustainability, simplicity, and personal care, dedicated to minimising single-use plastic and environmental impact. This brand pioneers eco-friendly personal care solutions, championing the strength of simplicity by providing customers with the tools to effortlessly create beauty and cleaning products at home. Offering a diverse range of DIY kits for crafting shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and household cleaning products, Milly & Sissy empowers individuals to formulate their creations, fostering a conscious and mindful approach to self-care and cleaning routines. Committed to cruelty-free practices and free from harsh chemicals, Milly & Sissy's products are crafted to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Beyond mere products, Milly & Sissy instils a sense of responsibility toward the planet, inviting customers to participate in a movement towards a cleaner, greener future through a more sustainable and mindful way of living, one DIY product at a time.