Fab Little Bag

The idea for FabLittleBag® came to Martha when she was sitting on the toilet – like most great ideas it came to her at an unexpected time. Since then she has worked tirelessly to ensure that idea became a reality, so that everyone can dispose of their used tampons safely and discreetly wherever they are.

The FabLittleBag® is a disposable and biodegradable plastic bag that can be opened and closed in one hand, making it extremely easy to use. It means that if there is nowhere to safely dispose of your tampon you can store and dispose of it hygienically and without stress. It is made with 25% organic materials and is an eco-friendly essential to keep in your bag for those emergencies.

Bagging and binning your tampon also helps to avoid flushing tampons which is extremely bad for the environment and causes huge issues for water companies, so save our rivers and seas by responsibly disposing of your tampons with help from FabLittleBag®.

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