Nestled within the expansive BEAR cave, BEAR takes pride in delicately crafting his truly delicious REAL fruit yoyos. These delectable snacks undergo a gentle baking process, using only 100% natural ingredients, showcasing a commitment to simplicity and wholesome goodness. BEAR's fruit yoyos not only satisfy taste buds but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle, serving as one of the essential five-a-day portions, devoid of added sugars and relying solely on the natural sweetness derived from fruits and vegetables. They stand as the ultimate snacking choice, offering a perfect fusion of flavour and nutritional value.
Yet, BEAR goes beyond crafting snacks; it's a brand with a purpose. Recognising the generosity of the world, BEAR actively supports local communities, nurtures future generations, and champions environmental preservation. More than just a snack, BEAR is an educational journey, sharing insights into the brand's commitment to loving and safeguarding the planet. Driven by a genuine care for the environment, BEAR acknowledges its impact and continually strives for improvement, aiming for a brighter tomorrow for our shared world and all its inhabitants.