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Tips for Washing Cloth Nappies

0 Posted by in Household on October 13th 2011

The lovely people at Dripak have been helping us with some cleaning tips for those of you using (or thinking about using) cloth nappies. Some parents are still put off by the thought of storing soiled nappies, as well as putting dirty nappies through the wash. So here are some helpful tips and ideas for hesitant parents, using traditional, reasonably-priced products from Dri-Pak!

Use a bucket with a lid to store soiled nappies. Consider a mesh liner so that the nappies can be moved without having to touch them.

Periodically sprinkle naturally deodorising Bicarbonate of Soda into the bucket to help prevent smells.

Prior to washing soak the nappies in a hot Soda Crystal solution to remove stains.
Add Soda Crystals to the wash to soften the water and aid cleaning.

Fabric softeners leave a residue on the fabric that affects absorbency. Instead use White Vinegar; it’s a great alternative to softener!

Periodically run a hot wash using half a bag of Soda Crystals to eliminate any smells and wash bacteria out of the machine.

Hope this helps you with your nappy missions!

Stock Clearout at Spirit

0 Posted by in Events on September 22nd 2011

You may have noticed the subtle little red banners here at Spirit of Nature!
We are most definately in SALE mode, out with the old and in with the new – we are clearing out the categories which were selling at snail pace and making way for the hot cakes!

This means everything has been reduced as far as possible and won’t be coming back.
Wave bye bye to clothing and candles and get ready to welcome some old favourite brands in body and skincare and a great new selection of Christmas toy options!